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Publish E-magazines, Virtual brochures, interactive catalogs, flipbooks and other documents in digital format on your Facebook page, including powerful social media marketing features, including "like" gate and viral sharing, help you grow your fan base.

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UniFlip self-publishing web-tool is the first in the world to offer a ground-breaking, integration to Facebook pages for e-publications in digital format.

Reach one billion of new contacts with your digital flip page publications complete with videos, animation in minutes.

Facebook will be one of the most important hub for social media on the internet, and will consequently become one of the most important marketing channels for companies and organizations.

The UniFlip integration to Facebook help your company or organization to get your content published on your Facebook page from a one standard editing and publishing platform without any knowledge and saving your a lot of time and ressources.
Publishing multi-media publications on Facebook pages made easy
The Facebook publishing is included in our standard pricing at no addional charge,
and will save you lot's of time and ressources!

Try to publish a demo e-publication on your Facebook page without having a to create a UniFlip account.
  • Click the button below and add the UniFlip demo-publication to your Facebook page
  • Delete the demo-publication on your Facebook page at any time
  • You do not need to download and install any applications or software
  • Rename the text and insert your own image on app tab on your Facebook page, read more:
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Create a UniFlip account and upload a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file, and test the Facebook integration with your own publications in digital format.
  • Take our 8-day trial and test our flexible self-service system
  • Publish your publications in flip page format on your Facebook page
  • Activate and customize the Fan gate and get more fans on your Facebook Page
  • Publish from any web site/hosting (url) and on smartphones and tablets
  • Share your e-publication on any Social Media in just one click
You can delete the UniFlip test demo from your Facebook page at any time
Delete the demo-publication from your Facebook page at any time
After you clicked Test publish on Facebook, you must see a fcebook message
* When you click " Test publish on Facebook"
- You will see a message from Facebook
Activate and replace the default fan gate imge and upload your own
Replace the Fan gate image with your own image on your Facebook page
- It's easy from your Uniflip Account


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