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Make PDF to Flash in only five minutes!

If you're a web designer, digital agency, publisher, cms provider, media house, consultant, printing company, freelancer, or webmaster with clients, the UniFlip Partner Program will help you win more clients and complete more projects such as creating online flash publications in a fast and flexible way without any investements.

What used to take hours of programming can now be launched in just minutes without any technical skills. Already, several companies like yours are offering UniFlip Online Paperless Publications to their clients.

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Expand and Protect your business
Added value to your clients
Our Offerings -Your Benifits
New Service = More Clients

The World is changing, and you look for ways to offer new services and add value to your clients.

You have always been depending on traditional printed publications. Now you also have UniFlip Paperless Publications to offer, and sell a new service to your existing and new clients and generate substantial additional revenue.

Get in front of your customers needs before your competitors get in front of you. Apply for UniFlip Partner program that enhance your and your clients workflows and offer tremendous value in bigger profit.

Please note, that we will only approve a limited number of UniFlip Partners in each market!
UniFlip offers an online Value Added Service with high quality and avanced functions to suit the specific needs of your existing og new clients.
Generate new profit!

UniFlip online value added services are high quality, advanced, functional, ease to use - and at a good price. Designed to enhance your efficiency with powerful online software without any software downloads.

It is an unique opportunity for you to generate substantial additional profit from your existing clients and attract new ones.

Also, you will ad value to your clients business and turn their traditional printed publications into a new revolutionaire paperless publication.

Save time, money and use UniFlip Paperless Publications to improve your workflow and expand your business.

UniFlip provides you with an additional opportunity to make money and give added value to your clients!
Your Benefits - Our Offering to your business!

Web designers, developers, CMS providers, media houses and agencies, and consultants can resell UniFlip directly to clients at a significant profit margin.
Get a discounted price based on volumen
  • Sell directly to your clients and collect the profit
  • Get great pricing and get a jump start in a new business area.
  • Apply for UniFlip Partner Program today
Offer online Paperless Flip Page Publications and documents, help your accounts setting up the graphics design, prepare the PDF, convert to flip pages, customize, implement and maintenance at your clients WEB-server or maybe host online Paperless Publications at your WEB-hosting.

Apply today and get in front of your competitors!
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